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A Set Up

We believe that having great materials to work with is one of the primary foundations to create a piece of furniture to be proud of. not only experienced , Jati Home are home for 500+ employees and growing. Our craftsmen are well skilled to the detail and have worked with us over a decade now. We built all our frames, slings and cushions in-house, were each piece is assembled carefully by skilled team to bring you a work that will stand the standards of quality furniture.

We have the capacity to export 240+ containers annually to all over the world.

A tour to our manufacturing plants, look how we build quality furniture on process manufacturing as a company. Production and head office on single location give us FULL Control of INHOUSE REMOTED, occupies 30,000 m2 or 300,000 ft2 of working space.

Teak Wood is one of the main raw and natural materials in our portfolio. A beautiful yet delicate material. Our dedicated timber processing facility ensures that proper care is given to the material before they enter the production process. This ensures the products we manufacture are built from materials that last. We have NC morteis, horizontal pressure, and 6 Kilns to absorb the moisture and dry the wood before it is used in manufacturing. In addition, we have fully automated dust collector , collecting and exhausting dust at its source.

Legal Wood

Certificate No.VLK00259 SVLK is a certification system issued by the Indonesian government to ensure that the wood used by the manufacturers are sourced legally. Having this certification in our hand implies that we comply to other equivalent international certifications such as the EUTR. The purpose of this certification is to ensure that the procured timbers are not a result of illegal logging.

FSC 100%

Available by requested, limited stock every year.

synthetic wicker
Sythentic Wicker

We have a wide variety of synthetic wicker that comes in all forms and shapes. Due to its trait of being durable and maintenance-free, synthetic wicker makes a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Due to our commitment in giving the best quality, we are using the HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) with special characteristic on Excellent Impact Resistance, Excellent Tear Strength, Excellent ESCR (Environment Stress Cracking Resistance), Excellent Tensile Strength, and High Rigidity. It’s complies with the recommendations and statutory regulations in the USA, Japan and most European countries as non toxic mate


We work with various kinds of metal, including aluminum, iron, and steel. Our dedicated metal fabrication facility ensures the material can be treated with modern powder-coating technology, alongside a myriad of other finishes according to client specifications. A Powder Coating in house starting with pretreatment washer, dry-off oven, powder booth and the final cure oven. All step are important to achieve the high surface quality and free corrosion performance


Rope is a recent addition to our material portfolio. It offers the texture of a woven surface and the softness of an upholstered material, making it a great middle ground for furniture. Rope is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.


To achieve efficiency in manufacturing, we prepare designs, sample mock up, testing area before run mass product. Coordination and communication becomes our Key in Efficiency. Machine modern will be joining in coming years, as factory have road map to follow.  Jepara’s gifted with Talented craftman All product are finished by hand. Jati Home craftsmen combine all high quality raw materials become one unique product that will last on your Patio. A piece to remember.

Quality Control

We have an independent quality control team that overseas the entire production pipeline. The team is present all the way from material preparation to the final products. The team sets a high standard and reports directly to the directors.

Market Conforming Price

We believe that providing quality furniture also involves our ability to be able to price the product fairly. We have a dedicated sourcing team that can access the global marketplace in order to ensure that we are obtaining materials at the right price. Our sourcing team is always on hand to also source what material you may need for your products.

Pack as how you want it.

Experience working with well known brand given Jatihome methods of Packaging that are eliminate product damage in transit. Good packaging happy client. We use craft 275 on outer boxes to keep the product safe. More protection are inside the boxes, as we don’t compromise with failure. The packaging is designed to give extreme levels of protection in transit. 

sample storage

Our storage building can store 5 container weekly and will increase to 10 container by 2023, numbers are keep raising as we continuously build our factory space and extended responding our beloved customers demand.